New PC!

So I finally got myself a new computer. It’s pretty cheap but it runs minecraft just fine. Sadly I gave up on my creative world and I’ve left Carnelian to do whatever she wants with it. Hopefully a download will appear soon.

I have been looking into this 1.8 update and all the good and bad things that come with it. So I’ll be updating my blog again after the update comes out. I wish I could stream my gameplay instead of just posting pictures of it. I’ll have to make do with what I can though.

Good to be back.


Stupidly got a laptop off eBay which ended up not working. Got my money back for it but that’s really annoying. I only have money for a new motherboard so far. I’ve been using Sunset Shimmer’s console lately, she has quite the game collection.

Since I’m still trying to get all the parts for a new computer, why not follow this crazy pony. She helped design a lot of my creative world. She might be able to give you more design ideas than I could.

Also, I noticed I reached 200 posts. I’ll pick two followers to build statues of once I get my computer sorted.

Whatcha doing? Any holiday things ure building?

Does anyone even read this blog, or are they here for the pretty pictures? My computer died a while back so I haven’t been able to play any games at all. Even a basic one is going to cost about 600 Bits. I don’t have that kind of money. Thankfully I still have my friends and sports to keep me occupied.

So how was your holiday?

If ever a picture of Pinkie Pie summed it up, it’s this. Hope yours went better.

That’s that…

I’ve been trying for a few days to get my computer working again since it just powers up and beeps a lot. I can’t tell what’s wrong but it’s not a good thing. My internet is all on my phone now and for the time being I wont be updating anymore.

Picks the best time of year to start this huh?

The crazy things an update can do to your world.

I planned to post this sooner but it took a while to map around where 1.7.2 joined my 1.6.2 world. Suddenly jumping from ocean to mountain to desert in as few as “3 chunks” is pretty crazy.

More building and updates soon. Need to build some statues.

No more Anon!

Nothing like having 2 dozen messages of which all are pointless or spam. I’ve kept a few that seemed entertaining though.

On another note, I managed to fix my old world so I’ll be updating that to 1.7.4 shortly. Personal things are still getting in the way of me playing but I’ll do my best to make an update tomorrow.

Friends and followers!

I won’t be updating for a while due to personal reasons. Hopefully you’ll understand.